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We are on an unprecedented rollercoaster in the financial markets. That means continued low rates, but they won’t last.

“Simply put, mortgage rates have more or less exhausted their ability to move lower.” – Mathew Graham, Mortgage News Daily

We know that the pandemic has not affected everyone equally.  If you are in a position to refinance or purchase a new home, the market is in your favor.  Four of the ways we are helping Clients today include:   

  1.  Lower your monthly payment and decrease the cost of owning your home.   

  2. Buying a new home. Home values are up and inventories are low.  Don’t let that discourage you.  We will do a custom analysis to show you that the low rates make buying a home now a great decision.  

  3. Investing in Real Estate.  Professional investors know that the cost of money is one of the most crucial components of a long term investment.  If you ever considered buying a rental property or second home, current market conditions make it a great time. 

  4. Consolidate Debt. With equity increasing and rates down, now might be a good time to thoughtfully consolidate your high-interest bills.

We are here to help.  While the industry is swamped with loans, our local team uses a combination of people and technology to get your loan closed on time and on-budget.

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