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There are four primary reasons homeowners wait to make a real estate move.  While they are all valid, sometimes good is better than perfect.  

1) Interest Rates Will Drop

Making predictions is tricky. What we know is that rates are near 12-month lows and the major US economic indicators are pointing towards higher rates.*

2) Home Values Will Decline

The fact is that while home values do swing up and down.  Over time, they have increased** and it is difficult to predict the bottom or top of the market. The cost of waiting can exceed the value of acting now. 

3) Your Credit Will Improve

Unless you are waiting for something like a BK or Foreclosure to season, you might be surprised. The average credit score for approved loans*** has dropped a bit and new programs are available every day. 

4) Saving For A Down Payment

This is a good strategy… until it isn’t. If you have the right financial discipline, you may benefit from locking in your home value today and beginning the appreciation clock ticking.     

The bottom line is that every situation is different. If you are on the fence, now is a fantastic time to consider your next real estate move.  


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