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A Good Real Estate Agent Makes all the Difference

A home can be a great investment, if you are a savvy buyer, or better yet, if you have a great real estate agent. You need to know what to look for or have good advice from local realtor.

We have a few tips for you and a fantastic real estate company to help you with the rest:

1. Location

You’ve heard the phrase “Location, Location, Location”. Well it can’t be more accurate. If you want your real estate investment to appreciate, think long and hard about the neighborhood you choose. You can change many things about a house – from color to dramatic interior and exterior makeovers. But the piece of land it sits on, the neighborhood it resides in, and the schools district it’s zoned for, are not likely to change.

2. Size

Don’t subscribe to a bigger is better mentality. If the larger house will cause financial strain, you may struggle to keep the house refreshed and modern. Consider something a little smaller that allows you more room to build equity. Don’t be swayed by the fancy granite countertops and marble entranceway. If your purchase saves you money to add those amenities later, you get to choose the color and a style that suit you best, without the financial worry.

3. Condition

Always hire a top-rated inspector to help you assess the condition of the home. The real estate purchase does not have to be perfect, but know what you are getting and what needs to be repaired. It is the best way to avoid a Money Pit down the line.

A good real estate agent, like Keith Wenger, will not only introduce you to the best home inspection companies, but will also help you make sense of the home inspection report. He will help you assess the issues that need resolution, so you can make the right decision for you and your budget.

Buying Real Estate

When buying a home, Keith’s experience and expertise help you:

  • Find the right loan for your budget
  • Choose the right location
  • Assist in selecting the right home for your family
  • Negotiate what is best for you, the buyer
  • Request the necessary repairs or modifications based on the inspection
  • Close on time

Selling Real Estate

When selling a home, Keith has unique talents that help:

  • Get top dollar based on current sales in the area
  • Coordinate all showings of your home
  • Negotiate what is best for you, the seller
  • Pre-qualify all potential buyers, eliminating “fall out”*
  • Close on time

*This is a unique service offering because Keith is also a Licensed Mortgage Broker.  Knowing you have qualified buyers can be significant in negotiating a successful transaction and avoiding disappointment.

With 25 years of experience, Imperial Mortgage & Real Estate is your source for “everything real estate”, from selling your existing home to that new real estate investment that will be your family home for years to come.  Proudly serving Placer, Sacramento, and Nevada counties.

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