Downsizing has its challenges because there are seemingly countless variables associated with accomplishing this process.  Moving always creates a level of havoc and disruption in our lives but the emotional impact for seniors that this might be their final move can become totally overwhelming.  Actually, Keith thinks of it more as “rightsizing” than downsizing as it is really about moving or adjusting to a living situation that better suits the needs of older adults.  In certain cases it may even be possible to “age in place”.

That is why Imperial has created our 50 Plus Service.  With our “caring transitions” model and concierge level of service, we will make this part of your journey a trouble free and enjoyable one.

As a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist, Keith Wenger has both the knowledge and the experience to handle every aspect of your rightsizing experience.  Clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that Keith and his team take the project through its many phases from buying, selling, through the mortgage process and even managing the relocation A thru Z. No one does it better! To learn more about Imperial’s 50 Plus Service, contact Keith today for your complimentary consultation.

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